Gü Puddings (Noble Foods)

Due to the success of this tasty product, the current factory had run out of space to increase production.  This combined with the requirement to increase production speeds and the range of products meant the customer needed to move to a new facility with new equipment.

Kensal worked with the customer whilst they reviewed several new buildings and production layouts.  A new factory was found and a layout of the multiple new lines was developed in conjunction with all of the process requirements and the specialist production machines that were to be interfaced.

There were three main lines, high care, primary packaging and final packaging, each with it's own challenges.  Part of the project was to install 6 large robotic cells for palletising and de-palletining loose product (glass ramekins), primary packaging and final shipping cases.  On all lines there were optional secondary routes and machines to cover the range of products and the various processes involved, adding to the overall project complexity.

The line configurations and production requirements  meant that we also designed various items of special equipment around the line for laning, diverting, rejecting etc.

The whole line was designed to optimise throughput, allowing buffering and accumulation at various points to ensure all of the machines could perform to their optimum.

This multi million pound facility is now in production at speeds of over 65% faster than the previous facility.



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