One of Kensal's areas of expertise is end of line (EOL) palletising systems. 


Whether you are upgrading to increase your productivity or automating to avoid RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), end of line systems are critical in many applications

Working with machine builders such LITA Primo Palletiser Systems by Kensalas our long standing partner LITA, utilising Kuka robots with Kensal tooling or customer specified equipment, we have the expertise and know-how developed from installing many palletising systems, both Gantry and Robotic (See Robotic Palletising Systems)

As well as the palletiser itself, we will integrate the infeed accumulating conveyor system and the pallet handling equipment to ensure the maximum throughput and efficiency.

We have specified and installed numerous systems to handle an extensive range of case sizes, speeds and pallet types 


A Robotic Palletiser Sysytem by Kensal for Manor Bakeries


Whether a basic cordinate palletiser, a high speed twin infeed sweep palletiser, robotic system, high or low level system,we can produce a solution to meet your requirements.




The Video below shows a palletiser system in action.


For further information on this and other models, please contact our sales department on 01582 425 777, or go to our contact us page.

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